How do I get tickets transferred from Ticketmaster?

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Receiving tickets transferred from Ticketmaster can originate from two primary sources:

1. If your tickets are being transferred from, you will receive an email from GoTickets detailing this transfer process. The seller, after initiating the transfer, triggers an email from Ticketmaster to you with specific directions on accepting and accessing the tickets. It's important to note that the subject of this email might contain the seller's first name (e.g., "John sent you tickets"). Within this email, you'll find an option to 'accept' the tickets. Clicking this will redirect you to the Ticketmaster platform where you'll need to sign in and subsequently view your tickets.

Once you've successfully signed in by going into your existing account or creating a new account you will have accepted the transfer and can now view the tickets:

2.  AM Ticketmaster (Account Manager): For transfers from an Account Manager, once the seller initiates the ticket transfer, you'll be notified through an email from the specific team account intimating you about the received tickets. To process this transfer:

  • Open the notification email on your smartphone.
  • Click the "Accept Tickets" button within the email.
  • You'll be prompted to log into the team's account (e.g., if it's a transfer from the White Sox, it will prompt "White Sox" account login). Use the same email and password credentials as your Ticketmaster account.
  • If you don't have an account already, there's an option to create one. Make sure you use the same email address that the transfer was sent to.  
  • Post login and accept the tickets, please view and add the tickets to your mobile device's wallet for easy access.

Common Errors with Ticketmaster Transfers:

  • "Oops something went wrong"Occasionally, users encounter this error message (a penguin will appear) after a transfer has been accepted. This issue is a known hiccup in Ticketmaster's system. Should you face this error:
    • Click on "Ticketmaster" at the top of the page and attempt to log in again, as this often resolves the issue and displays your tickets.
    • If the problem persists, we advise waiting for about 10 minutes and then retrying the acceptance process via the Ticketmaster email notification.
  • "These Tickets have been accepted by another email address"If you encounter this error message post accepting your tickets via the email and being redirected to Ticketmaster, it typically indicates that you were logged into Ticketmaster with a different email address when you clicked to accept. To rectify, navigate to Ticketmaster and attempt to access your tickets using the email address that was last signed into Ticketmaster on your device. In many cases, this could be a distinct personal or work email, or even an older email belonging to you or a family member.

For a hassle-free event experience, here are some important recommendations:

  • Mobile Device Access: Ensure you accept the ticket transfer on the mobile device you intend to use at the event. This approach guarantees that your tickets are immediately accessible upon your arrival at the venue.
  • Digital Wallet Storage: Once the transfer is accepted, you'll have the option to save your tickets to your Android or iOS digital wallet. Given that many venues have areas with weak or no Wi-Fi, adding your tickets to your digital wallet in advance is a proactive step to ensure they're always ready for presentation, ensuring smooth entry.  IMPORTANT NOTES:
    • Once tickets are saved into your digital wallet they may not be available to be viewed within the Ticketmaster account but will be 100% accessible from the digital wallet.
    • Some tickets no longer show a barcode once moved to the digital wallet however this is nothing to be concerned about.  These are now considered mobile Safetix and will scan.  Here is an example of how it will look once you access it from your wallet:


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