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Event ticketing industry terminology



Face Value
This is the price of the ticket listed by the primary market.  In most cases, the primary market will print the face value on the ticket itself.
Piggy-Back Seats
A group of seats that are sold 1 row apart, but seated directly in front/behind each other.  For example, if you purchase 4 seats that are listed as "Piggy Back Seats", you may receive Row 1, seats 1-2 & Row 2, seats 1-2.
Primary Market
This is where the ticket originates from.  A primary market can be the direct website, venue, or box office associated with the event taking place.  This party is the first to sell and distribute tickets to the public.  
Secondary Market
Go Tickets is a secondary marketplace that offers a platform for professional brokers to provide to list tickets they have purchased from the primary marketplace.  All orders placed through our platform are covered by the GoTickets Buyer Guarantee.  A secondary marketplace is where sellers or brokers can list tickets they have purchased from the primary market for sale.  Prices on a secondary market platform are based on supply and demand, so they may be higher or lower than the face value. 

Primary VS Secondary Market



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